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Oct 1, 2023

When you elevate your own sense of well-being, your capacity to elevate your communities well-being grows and evolves.

Elevate is a weekend dedicated to wellness and community.

Friday, Sept 29:

Enjoy We Are Cochrane on the Friday evening where four speakers will be sharing heartfelt, personal stories.

Saturday, Sept 30:

We invite our community to take part in the events marking National Day for Truth and Reconciliation happening at Spray Lakes Recreation Centre from 1-8pm. This is an event organized by Bearspaw First Nation, Chiniki First Nation, Goodstoney First Nation and The Town of Cochrane in partnership with SLS Centre.

Sunday, October 1

The main Elevate Wellness Activities take place on October 1st all around Cochrane.

Consider this a travelling wellness conference! Choose from an array of wellness workshops, classes and services from local businesses. Elevate nudges you to step outside of your regular routine to experience the incredible array of wellness experts, teachers and enthusiasts Cochrane has to offer. 

We are excited to announce $5 of your all-access pass goes towards a very good cause, our sponsored organization, Meira Memorial Fund. The Meira Memorial Fund has been created to focus on helping woman and families battling through mental health struggles.

Join us.


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