The Anticipation Settles In...

August 23, 2017

We have 19 more days until take-off! It feels like we have been saving and dreaming for so long and now it is quickly becoming a reality. It seems like everything we do in our day to day lives is leading up to August 31st, the day we leave… buying supplies, packing our bag, meeting with friends and family to say our goodbyes, fitting in our last appointments and ensuring everything with work and our home has been nicely wrapped up so we have nothing to worry about on our trip.


Kevin is anxious and ready to jump on a plane tomorrow! Although I am filled with excitement and can’t wait to start our adventure, there is a little nervousness inside me asking, “why are you leaving all your friends, family and yoga community behind?” Our engagement party was an eye-opening experience to all the beautiful people we have in our lives and I think of all the birthdays, weddings and other engagement parties that we will likely be missing out on when we leave.


But then I think of the journey we are stepping out into… Travelling as a newly engaged couple, meeting new people, experiencing and emerging ourselves in different cultures, delving into more yoga trainings and keeping our eye out for a possible home to invest in. There is so much to say for structure, routine and having stability here at home in Cochrane, however I am so ready to break out of the norm I have created.


When I travelled on my own after graduation, I was so proud that I proved to myself that I was strong enough and capable to travel on my own. I had to put myself out there, past my comfort zone to meet new people and try new things. This was exciting, exhilarating and fun but it could also be very lonely and sad. This time around, I have my best friend, my soon to be husband (still so weird to say!), and my “yes man” by my side. This time when I feel homesick or sad, I have a little piece of home with me at all times. Back when I was travelling on my own and homesickness set in, I would think of Kevin back in Cochrane and wish he was with me to share in the experiences (even though he was still seeing someone else). Now here we are, about to experience a ton of fun together! I am so grateful for this opportunity and I can’t imagine a better person to share the journey with.

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