Re-Hashing Old Lessons

December 20, 2017



In 2011 I went to University for International and Community Development. During my time there, I was required to take certain courses not directly under the umbrella of Development studies but would help round out and broaden my education. One of these classes was a philosophy class, which drastically changed my path and enhanced my life exponentially.  Each class forced me to think about the life I truly wanted to live instead of living some preconceived idea of what life should look like.  These teachings have stuck with me forever. We talked about major topics like Life/Death, Freedom/Slavery, Wisdom/Folly and Good/Evil. We hashed out fundamental cultural assumptions in which we subscribe to but don’t necessarily understand why.  

I was in my second semester of my second year when my father passed away. I had to return to University only a short time later to not fall too far behind. I freely admit that it was through yoga that I began to heal form this trauma, however it was also through this course, these texts and the most amazing professor that I began to find strength and understanding of my fathers death.


Although I wish I could have devoted my time and attention solely on this philosophy class, I was pushed to take four other courses to ensure I wasn’t in University for ever!  Each course requires so much brain-power, or regurgitation, constant essays, exams and projects so even though I was interested in my philosophy course the most, I found it was hard to retain ALL the rich lessons. So here I am, re-opening up my class notes from six years ago to re-hash some of the teachings of the greats and to be inspired once again. Instead of keeping these stories to myself, I plan to share my notes and findings here on my blog.  Each week (maybe every second week!) I will choose a text and set about inquiring deeper into the wisdom they have to offer while bringing in my own yogic philosophy to help hash it out.  I hope you too can find connection into your own experiences and join me on this journey!  

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