November 7, 2018

Kevin and I left over a week ago now and we have spent most of this time visiting with Kevin’s family in Scotland. He has two sets of grandparents in Scotland and they have been struggling with their health, however they still with their sharp memory and are as witty as ever. 

It was hard to watch our love ones age, where they no longer trust the strength of their bodies to carry them through the day and become more isolated in the safety of the comfort of what they know. We feel so lucky to have spent the time that we had with them, to hear them reminisce on stories of their youth, to see the deep love ad affection they still have for each other and to be reaffirmed that our decision to travel NOW was the right one. Travelling now, when we are healthy, strong, full of spontaneity and have nothing holding us back will never come with regrets for Kevin and I. 


We are now in Ireland and head to France in a few days. 


I feel very lucky to have had parents who encouraged me to travel at a young age. My mom and Dad did a trip to Europe for 6 months in an adorable orange Volkswagen campervan. My mom gave me the picture shown below, taken somewhere on their trip, and it is now the background of my phone. It looks like my dad is cheersing me and I can almost hear the familiar encouragement “I am so proud of you!” My mom tells me often that she is so thankful they travelled when they did. She got to experience so many incredible memories with my Dad and they got to see the world together while he was still alive. 


We cannot forget that life is full of unexpected turns, we cannot predict what will happen tomorrow, a week away or even a year from now. We cannot hold off on life, thinking “someday."  We cannot constantly be planning for our future, forgetting that the present is really all we know we have. Each inhale is a gift and each exhale is a reminder… I am alive, I am grateful.



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