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Connecting our growing community in a shared sense of elevated well-being. 


Halfway between the bustling city of Calgary and the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, you will find a very special place where people proudly acknowledge its western heritage and weave this legacy into modern culture. You will find a place where people pause to catch up with neighbours and pass along friendly smiles. A place where pathways lining the creeks, river valleys and public parks entice people outdoors into the sparking blue sky. You will find a place where farmers markets bustle with activity; where people line up for blocks for the best ice-cream; where the rodeo ground bursts with cowboy hats every labour day; where you can visit a brewery and enjoy their locally crafted brew and even in the dead of winter, you will find community gather around a hockey rink to pay tribute to a friend.


This place is Cochrane.


Cochrane is the fastest growing community in Canada and it's not hard to see why. Cochrane is a very health conscious and engaged community.  New wellness businesses are opening their doors every year to meet the demands of this town.

However, with an ever expanding community, finding ways to connect deeper with each other is an intention on many peoples hearts. 


ELEVATE is a weekend dedicated to wellness and community!

Elevate offers a chance to participate in the different wellness businesses all over Cochrane. Health and wellness businesses will be opening their doors for participants to take part in a class, workshop, seminar or service sampling to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Ticket holders of Elevate will travel from one business location to the next to experience their desired offerings on the schedule.  Enjoy the luxury of custom creating your Elevate weekend using the online scheduling platform to pick the offerings that suit your interests. Consider this a travelling wellness conference around Cochrane!
Take this weekend to focus on elevating your well-being. When we can elevate our own sense of well-being, we create a ripple effect where we then elevate our friends, family and ultimately our community.


Join us

Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2023

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