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$5 of every ticket purchased for Elevate will go towards our sponsored cause, supporting the Meira Memorial Foundation.

The Meira Memorial Foundation has been created in Lindsey’s memory in effort to continue her hopes and dreams for supporting and connecting women.  The Meira Memorial Fund has been created to focus on helping woman and families battling through mental health struggles.

Lindsey was a light in a world where there is often so much darkness. She was radiant and luminous, her light was genuinely infectious. If you had the privilege of meeting her, you would’ve experience the she way she could brighten a room with her presence alone. She shone with authenticity and met everyone with a generosity and genuineness that made those around her feel important and heard. Lindsey was a light of hope to many. This was seen in all facets of her life but perhaps best when she was helping mothers. She believed strongly in the power of community, especially a community of women.


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